Fishing for details

Guy Scott with Lyndhurst children
Guy Scott with Lyndhurst children
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YOUNGSTERS went fishing for information at a local fishmonger’s as part of their school topic.

Reception pupils from Pocklington’s Lyndhurst School ventured into the town centre and visited Scott’s Fishmonger’s on Market Street to learn more about fish for their Wet and Wild project.

The children examined a variety of fish sold by fishmonger Guy Scott and learnt about his job and routine.

Lyndhurst teacher Jo Denison said: “Guy was great with the children.

“They learnt about how to tell the difference between cod and haddock and about the most expensive fish he sells, such as monkfish and tuna.

“He seemed pretty impressed that the children knew about the lateral line and about bioluminescent fish in the midnight zone.

“Guy kindly gave the children some sashimi salmon to have a smell, feel and taste of – a truly multisensory experience.”

Other activities for the class’ Wet and Wild topic have included a trip to The Deep at Hull to view the fish and sea creatures, performing the story ‘Who Sank The Boat?’ by Pamela Allen and a special class assembly where they taught their parents and other children about the facts they have learnt.