First World War depicted through textiles

Textile work on show at Pocklington Arts Centre.
Textile work on show at Pocklington Arts Centre.

What does the First World War mean to you? Bereavement, lives and landscapes devastated by war?

Or a sense of duty, comradeship, family recollections and souvenirs?

These themes are explored in Threads of War – an exhibition of contemporary textiles at Pocklington Arts Centre which will be held from Tuesday 28 July until Friday 18 September.

A few friends who in 2012 “liked sewing and making things” have become a much larger, informal group, and are now exhibiting as Threads of War.

This is an open exhibition: anyone can use textiles to show what the war means to them and their work can become part of the showcase. Most people in the current exhibition have never had work on show before.

Annie Parkinson, one of the original group members, said: “We find an incredible range of creative skills being offered to us. We welcome all textiles, felting, weaving, embroidery, quilts, and especially knitting, since knitting for the troops was such an important part of keeping men in the trenches warm and comfortable. It’s good to acknowledge that in the exhibitions.”

Manager of Pocklington Arts Centre, Janet Farmer, said: “We are delighted to host this very timely and moving exhibition. Textile exhibitions are popular in Pocklington and I think viewers enjoy seeing the intricacy of work, especially on this scale.”