Firefighters’ strike warning

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Members of the public are being warned to take extra care on Wednesday and Thursday (February 25 and 26) when firefighters go on strike.

A 24-hour period of industrial action will take place between 7am on Wednesday and 7am on Thursday during which firefighters warn they will be providing a reduced service.

Chief fire officer at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Dene Sanders, said “life risk calls” would be the priority.

He said: “While the industrial action is ongoing we will still be responding to 999 calls, but we are asking members of the public to take extra steps to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out in their home.”

The fire service has repeated advice about staying safe in the home, which includes reminders about common causes of fires such as cooking being left unattended, electrical faults, candles being placed too close to furnishings or cigarettes not being fully extinguished. The advice from the Fire Service is ensure smoke alarms are fitted on every level of your home and to check they are working.

Smoke detectors provide an early warning of a fire and can give occupants vital extra minutes to escape, especially at night. But a smoke alarm can only save your life if it is working and the battery is checked regularly.

With reduced fire cover, adopting fire safe behaviour becomes increasingly important. Other steps residents can take to stay safe from fire are:

Take extra care in the kitchen and never leave cooking unattended and ensure the cooker is switch off when finished.

Stub cigarettes out fully in a proper ash tray and never smoke in bed.

Do not overload electrical sockets and switch off all electrical appliances when not in use.

“I would also urge households to make an escape plan and practise it with everyone in the home. If a fire does breakout, it is important everyone knows the quickest way to escape,” Mr Sanders added.

If you do have a fire, get out of the house, stay out and call 999.

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