Final chance to comment on major changes to draft East Riding Local Plan

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breaking news

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is encouraging residents, businesses, landowners and other interested organisations to take up their final chance to comment on the draft East Riding Local Plan. From Friday, 16 August to Monday, 30 September the final stage in the consultation process will allow further comments to be submitted.

A draft Local Plan was published for public consultation between February and April 2013. When completed it will provide the framework for managing new development and addressing the main planning issues in the East Riding until 2029. It identifies the location and amount of new development that will take place in different towns and villages in the East Riding, including new homes, shops and businesses. It also identifies where development should not take place, for example because of the risk from flooding or because a site is protected to remain as open space - such as allotments and playing fields.

This latest consultation is only on the major changes to the draft Plan, changes which were generated by the 8,600 plus comments received earlier this year in the last round of consultation. The changes to be consulted upon this time round are significant changes that the council feels it necessary to ask for people’s views again. Many smaller changes will also be made to the draft Plan as it is finalised to address issues raised earlier in the year. There will be no need for respondents to repeat comments made about other sites or issues.

The proposed major changes to the Draft Local Plan are:

1. The designation of Keyingham as a Rural Service Centre, and an increase in the number of new houses to be built in the village from 85 to 170.

2. New development limits around the villages of Carnaby and Buckton. Within these development limits, small scale development would be appropriate.

3. The allocation of 19 new sites for development - for example because a new site was put forward through the recent consultation exercise or because a constraint to a site, such as highway access, has been overcome.

4. The removal of 19 draft allocations - for example because the responses to the previous consultation identified a constraint of some kind on the development of the site.

Residents and organisations wishing to take part in the final round of consultation will be able to do so in various ways:

* There will be an interactive version of the Local Plan online at which will allow comments to be made online

* A PDF version will be available to download or view at Respondents will be able to download a questionnaire.

* Hard copies will be available in all East Riding of Yorkshire Council customer service centres and main libraries.

There will also be several public drop-in sessions, which will give visitors the chance to speak to a planning officer about the proposed major changes to the Plan. All the sessions will be between 9 and 13 September, and full details of dates and venues can be found on the council’s website.

Councillor Symon Fraser, the council’s cabinet portfolio holder for environment, housing and planning, said: “The Local Plan will have a huge impact on people right across the East Riding, and so we want to ensure the process is as detailed as it can be, with local people and communities having their say. This next part of the consultation process is just as important as the previous consultations were.

“I hope that lots of people will engage in this consultation, because, although we have already had a fantastic level of response, we want to make sure we keep moving the new Local Plan forward.”

Feedback from the latest consultation will influence the final version of the Local Plan, which the council is hoping to be able to adopt as policy in late 2014.