Fin wins music contest and £50,000 top prize

Fin Henderson's video can be seen at
Fin Henderson's video can be seen at

A former Pocklington School pupil has landed a prize to the tune of £50,000 after winning a national competition.

Pocklington-based musician Fin Henderson was competing in the Salute Music Makers competition and found out he was victorious at a ceremony earlier this month.

His song and video entitled ‘A Million Places’ claimed the number one position after a public vote.

He managed to beat more than 2,000 entrants to claim the top prize.

Fin, who is understandably pleased with the result, said he would like to thank everyone who voted for him, and the Pocklington Post which helped give him a push in the latter stages of the competition.

Fin said: “I would like to thank the people who voted for me in the competition, it really made the difference as there was only a few votes between the first and second positions.

“I also would like to say thanks to the Pocklington Post for running stories about me during the final stages.

“I actually found out that I’d won the day before the announcement but had to keep quiet about the result until it was revealed on Sunday 5 November. I had a number of good luck messages from friends and family on the Saturday.

“I basically had to answer and say ‘I’m sure I’ll do OK’.”

A Salute Music statement about the presentation said: “After thousands of entries we are pleased to announce the winner and the first-ever champion of Salute Music Makers! Massive congratulations to Fin Henderson. You are a deserving winner!

“Fin will receive the £50,000 cash prize to put towards furthering his music career.

“As the winner, Fin will also go into the finals of the songwriting category at next year’s Unsigned Music Awards.

“We also want to say thank you to all of the music makers who took time to submit their music this year. Salute simply could not have existed without you! Big Love. #salutemusicuk #ambitionamplified #finhenderson.”

Mercury and Grammy award winning producer, Jonathan Quarmby, who curated Fin Henderson’s “A Million Places” track into the Top 100 said: “As soon as I heard A Million Places the song jumped out at me. It didn’t have impressive ‘wow factor’ production, or any arrangement tricks. It was simply honest, raw and heartfelt.

“Fundamentally, that’s what every writer is trying to do; to communicate emotion and help the listener to feel how they felt in he moment when the song was formed. So well done Fin. A great song and a well-deserved win!”