Figuring out opposition to win top body building title

Emma Jones celebrates winning the Miss Nabba UK Athletic Figure.
Emma Jones celebrates winning the Miss Nabba UK Athletic Figure.

A Pocklington woman managed to out figure the opposition when she claimed a prestigious body building accolade.

Emma Jones scooped the National Amateur Body Builders’ Association’s (NABBA) Miss UK body building title.

Now a top champion and weighing 10 stone, Emma has used body building to get through some difficult times in her life.

At one stage, as she battled with postnatal depression, Emma tipped the scales at just five stone.

Emma had been working extremely hard ahead of the competition under the guidance of Dan Welburn, who is based at Muscle Honeyz in Hull.

Since early 2016, Emma has continued to progress through the ranks, culminating in her recent achievement where she saw off some outstanding competition to become Miss Nabba UK Athletic Figure.

Emma said: “I first started weight lifting after suffering postnatal depression following the birth of my son.

“I had lost weight through anorexia and depression. At my lowest point I hit around the five stone mark.

“In 2012 I started making positive changes and have come through many personal battles.

“With this win I feel I have achieved something pretty impressive! And most importantly I had absolutely annihilated all goals I set myself at the beginning of the year.

“I’m now enjoying a rest and making some improvements ready for 2018 to try and achieve and smash more goals.

“In a year and a half, there’s been three preps and 13 shows.

“I’ve placed in all, won four, and now hold a coveted bodybuilding title.

“Through the training and competitions I have learnt that to grow as a person you have to challenge yourself and face fears.

“My journey has just begun but each year I am getting a little better and life is becoming more exciting.”