Festive arrivals make it a very yappy holiday

Owner Deanna Roger with Susie and Christmas puppies
Owner Deanna Roger with Susie and Christmas puppies

A Wilberfoss couple had extra reason for Christmas Day celebration after their dog gave birth to eight puppies.

Deanna Rodger, 60, and David Pearson, 64, of Egremont Pines Farm in Wilberfoss, were expecting a quiet Christmas Eve when their two-year-old Welsh springer spaniel, Susie Sixpence, went into labour.

Deanna said: “She was due on December 22 but between 4am and 7am on Christmas Day she gave birth to six puppies. I then went to sleep for some rest when David told me another had been born while I was sleeping.After feeding our Alpacas he returned to tell me the news that an eighth had been born, and they were all were boys.”

Susie, part of a litter named after money, was taken to the vets a couple of days later with a swollen mammary gland and an infection but she has now returned home. The news was also taken well by the couple’s other dogs who include grandma Dancing Daisy, named after flowers, and great-grandma Foxy Lady. The owners of Egremont Pines Caravan Site had called the puppies after Santa’s reindeer but sadly poor Rudolph died on December 29.

Deanna said: “We are devastated about Rudolph but unfortunately these things happen sometimes.”

The couple were only able to sit down and relax on Christmas evening and had to postpone their Christmas dinner to Boxing Day due to the day’s events.

“It is the best Christmas present I could ever have asked for,” Deanna said.

“We were expecting a low-key Christmas but instead we were away in a manger in our own stable!”