Fears that The Ship has sailed

Ship Inn
Ship Inn

VILLAGE councillors are hoping a new owner can be found for a community’s only remaining pub, to help “bring it back to life”.

The Ship Inn is the last of three pubs that once existed in Shiptonthorpe, but has been closed for nearly seven months.

Now on the market for just under £250,000 as a freehold pub, chairman of Shiptonthorpe Parish Council, Councillor Mike Stathers and East Riding ward councillor, Claude Mole, hope a buyer can be found soon, despite the difficult economic climate.

Councillor Stathers said: “There’s been no planning application put before the council about it, so any discussion between us has been informal, but we are all disappointed to see it close down.

“It was fairly common knowledge that it struggled to attract a solid customer base for some time, but I’m fairly sure most people living in the village will also be disappointed.

“With The Crown closing down a few years ago, Shiptonthorpe is left without a pub, which can often act as the heart of a village community.

“We would be happy to see it run as a village pub again and we hope we can get someone to bring it back to life.”

This was echoed by Councillor Claude Mole, who lives in the village.

He said: “I think we are all disappointed that it closed, but it was never that well patronised by the locals.

“I think any pub needs to sell good food to compete these days.

“I do hope that someone will take it over.”

The estate agents selling the pub in the centre of Main Street is George F White, who have offices on the site of the old Crown pub across the road.

They advertise it as being built in the early 1800s and it was originally a coaching house on the York to Hull highway.

It has a self-contained two-bedroom flat, and six additional en-suite bedrooms were recently added to the rear of the property on the site of the old stables.

Tom Mason, partner at George F White, said: “Interest was very quiet to start with but in the last 10 days we have had a reasonable number of inquiries.

“Free houses have a huge advantage over those tied to breweries because they [brewery pubs] can take a lot of selling. I still think there’s demand out there.”

Shiptonthorpe once had three watering holes, including The Ship Inn, The Crown, and The Anvil, which is now the Ve Raj Indian restaurant.