Fears over North Cave bends

Councillor Linda Bayram.
Councillor Linda Bayram.

Councillor Linda Bayram, Ward Councillor for Howdenshire, said she is very concerned about the B1230 North Cave bends.

The road was resurfaced using a high skid resistant material to help to alleviate the problem of a large number of accidents on this stretch of road.

Although the number does appear to have reduced, accidents are still occurring on this stretch of road.

Councillor Bayram said: “The road past the church in North Cave was resurfaced a couple of years ago and ever since then we have seen accident after accident. There were at least 40 and then the council resurfaced again with the most skid resistant surface I know and since then we have had eight more so far.

“The highways department has done its utmost to help the situation but it seems that bad driving practices are mostly to blame.

“The hedges along this stretch of road are littered with broken pieces of cars and vans. The cost to the public purse must run into thousands!

“This can only be stopped by sensible driving and I fear that without a change of attitude somebody is going to needlessly lose their life.”