Family’s huge Italian job brings machine to UK

The 12 ton mill and mix machine is reassembled.
The 12 ton mill and mix machine is reassembled.

One of the machines which caused a lot of interest at the Pig Fair last year was the Caravaggi 12 ton mobile mill and mix.

The Caley Family have been importing the brand for 30 years or more, starting with a three ton model, then five ton, followed by an eight ton and now the new 12 ton.

The Caravaggi 12 ton mobile mill and mix at full stretch.

The Caravaggi 12 ton mobile mill and mix at full stretch.

They actually fetch the machines themselves from Italy and because the 12 ton is so big, the wheels and the long discharge pipe have to be removed because of height to fit through tunnels and bridges.

The first 12 ton machine was sold from the stand at the Pig fair and subsequent orders have followed.

A farmer in Lancashire who makes around 38,000 tons of feed for all species of livestock, found that last harvest had produced some very thin, poor quality barley and as he normally rolls it, that did not work as it should.

He enquired of two farmers he knew who had this machine to see what their opinion was and through their enthusiasm, rang up on a Saturday morning to order one.

It will not only mill but he will now be able to deliver to local farms, and with the new machine having a very long discharge pipe, it will be able to fill the tallest of bins.

As it happened one was being brought by lorry from Italy the next week for another farmer in Lincolnshire, who already had an eight ton model.

He agreed to let the Lancashire farmer have it as he was desperate, so the 12 tonner was brought to the Caley’s farm, put together again and then delivered overnight by tractor to Lancashire the following Saturday morning and commissioned.

All within a week. I wonder what other industry would help a fellow man in trouble, as it was another five weeks before the man in Lincolnshire was able to acquire the next 12 ton model?