Family board game is set to create jobs

Russell Webster with his new board game
Russell Webster with his new board game

Prolific entrepreneur Russell Webster is poised to launch a new board game based on the national schools curriculum.

Mr Webster, 58, of St John’s Road, Driffield, has raised more than £50,000 to privately fund the project called Brian Brain’s Family Game.

He has recruited former Buster and Whizzer and Chips cartoonist Mark Bennington to produce the stunning colour graphics.

And he is hoping that people from the town can become part of his latest success story

by writing quiz questions for the final version, which is set to launch nationally in the summer.

Mr Webster, who has spent many months bringing together the project, said: “This is a unique game that the whole family can take part in, enjoy and, most importantly, learn lots of things from.

“There are always two sets of questions - one set for youngsters, or budding brains, and a separate set of question for the adults, or boffs

And the Budding Brain questions are all split into The National Curriculum Key Stages and Year Groups.

So, whether it is mum, dad, granny, or a 5 year old - everyone has a chance of winning. Mr Webster said: “The game brings back the ethic of doing things together as a family - something that is getting lost to technology such as game consoles, smart phones, I-Pods/Pads and PCs.

“And children get to learn lots of things for their National Curriculum year and also future curriculum years.”

Mr Webster said he was currently compiling questions for the final version of the game and said he would love local people to become involved by writing questions.

Mr Webster, the former owner of the Slaughterhouse recording studios in Driffield, has a long history in the entertainment industry.

He has already produced a successful series of 36 educational quiz CDs and felt that a board game for the whole family was a natural step forward.

He is hoping to raise a further £25,000 in private funding and is currently on the search for someone who can create and develop a phone app version of the game.

At the moment, Mr Webster is providing his own voice overs for the audio versions but would love to hear from any locals who have a vocal talent.

“I am hoping that this project will also create local jobs,” he said. “It is the first of many ideas and The Family Game Company will be producing more games in the future.”

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