EXCLUSIVE: We’re sharing £750,000 jackpot!

Pocklington Cricket Club members with their cheque for �150,000.
Pocklington Cricket Club members with their cheque for �150,000.

Sport and recreation in the Pocklington area has received a huge financial boost, with more than £750,000 of funding being dished out to local projects.

After approval of three major planning applications for housing in the town, commuted sums totalling £752,000 will be paid in eight instalments by the developers over the next three to five years. The money will go to significant improvements in local sport and recreation, following extensive research and consultation with sport and recreational clubs to identify the best ways to spend the money to meet Pocklington’s expanding needs for sport, play and active recreation.

The three biggest projects set to benefit are:

Pocklington Cricket Club: £150,000 towards the construction of a clubhouse

Pocklington Rugby Club: £150,000 towards the provision of utilities and the construction of a clubhouse, plus the erection of floodlights

Pocklington Football Club: £120,000 towards major improvement works, which includes increasing its changing rooms and social facilities

In addition, these projects are also proposed to benefit from commuted sums:

Burnby Hall Gardens: £92,000 towards new play equipment for its playground

Pocklington Tennis Club: £79,000 towards obtaining a power supply to provide power for both the clubhouse and floodlights and purchasing floodlights for four courts

Young People Count: £48,000. Their proposal includes purchasing a sturdy and secure modular building

Stewart Bowling Club: £36,000 towards replacing the central heating gas boiler in the clubhouse, purchasing new tables and chair, upgrading the male toilet facilities and improvements to the bowling green

Pocklington Town Council: £34,000 towards the skatepark on West Green and an additional piece of play equipment for the Victoria Road Play Area

Phoenix High Flyers, a trampolining and gymnastics group: £22,000 towards purchasing new and replacing old equipment

Pocklington Rugby Club resources manager Chris French is thrilled that the club has received £150,000. He said: “The award made to the club is to go towards a huge project named ‘Kickstart Kilnwick’. The project estimate is £300,000. The rest of the money will come from fundraising and other sources. We are absolutely over the moon to receive such a generous grant.”

Andy Inns, chairman of Pocklington Cricket Club, is also delighted that the club has received a substantial grant. He said: “We intend to knock down our clubhouse which is almost falling down. We will rebuild the clubhouse with disabled access and better toilets. So hopefully in the future we can hold functions in there and make a bit more income. The funding is crucial. We have also obtained £75,000 from Sport England. With the Sport England money and the council money we should be able to build a new clubhouse.”

Les Slow, chairman and treasurer of Young People Count, a charity which supports young people in Pocklington and the surrounding area, commented: “It means a huge amount. It gives us the ability to search for a permanent home. We’ve had some really good discussions for two sites and there’s one other possible site.

“We have to match the £48,000. We already have £20,000 in the bank. We’re looking to apply for further grants.

“We will be working to have something in place as soon as possible.”

Peter Rogers, assistant estate manager at Burnby Hall Gardens, said: “We’re really pleased to be given this money. It will be used towards the final piece of play equipment in our playground. It will replace a piece of equipment already in the playground.”
The play equipment the Gardens wants to buy comprises a swinging bridge, fireman’s pole, slide and spider walk.

Councillor Andy Burton, East Riding Council’s portfolio holder for planning, highways and transportation, said: “This funding is fantastic news for sport and recreation in Pocklington, where we know that the town’s growing population will need even better, and more, facilities in the years to come. We have encouraged clubs in the town to use the commuted sums to ‘lever in’ more funding from other sporting bodies as well, and I am delighted to report that this has been very successful. I am aware that nearly half a million pounds has been secured additionally to date, and there is the possibility of a further £800,000 to come from other funding sources to these organisations.

“I understand there is a very strong possibility that these outstanding funding applications will be successful. If they are not, however, the organisations involved will investigate other sources of funding to apply to. Commuted sums can only be granted final approval when the additional funds are in place.”

Coun Burton added: “This commuted sums funding package is excellent value for money. It will greatly improve the facilities that can be offered in Pocklington for current and future users, and will hugely improve what can be provided to Pocklington residents.”

The council requires developers to provide outdoor playing space as part of all new residential developments above a certain size. Outdoor playing space is available for sport, active recreation or children’s play; it must be of a suitable size and nature for its intended purpose; and must be safely accessible and available to the general public.

When a developer cannot provide this within the development itself, a sum of money known as a commuted sum may be paid in lieu of this. The commuted sum must be used for specific purposes and is held by the council until an appropriate project is identified.

The developers behind the largest schemes in the town are Linden Homes and David Wilson Homes.