Evie fears deadly accident

Campaigner Evie Brooks at Kirkland Street in Pocklington
Campaigner Evie Brooks at Kirkland Street in Pocklington

A concerned youngster is appealing to motorists to stop parking dangerously near her school as she fears a pupil could be seriously injured or even killed.

Nine-year-old Evie Brooks, a pupil at Pocklington Community Junior School, says vehicles often park on double yellow lines or the yellow zigzags on Kirkland Street and on The Mile near the school. As a result she and other pupils who cross the road on their own struggle to find a safe place to cross.

She has written and sent a letter to Pocklington Town Council and East Riding Council, which was signed by about 200 pupils and teachers, to make councillors aware of vehicles parking illegally near the school and to urge them to take action. She says the school needs a parking warden at the end of every school day to try and stop drivers parking illegally.

She said: “I’m concerned about this because some of my friends cross the road on their own like me and we cannot see or find a safe place to cross.

“Also cars go tearing down the street and it is only a 20 mile an hour zone and I am worried a car driver may be a bit silly and not look and maybe seriously injure or kill one of my friends.

“We don’t just want more yellow lines because people park on them anyway. We want a parking warden just for half an hour at the end of every school day.”

Her mum Kirsty says Evie decided to contact the councils after she was almost run over near the school.

Kirsty said: “Evie is a bit of an activist. It came about because one day she tried to cross the road and a car pulled up in front of her. It shook her up.”

The school’s headteacher Alex Reppold says the problem with parking near the school is “the sheer volume of traffic which has to move around our site.”

He added: “From speaking to the authority, there is little more they can do in terms of marking out the roads, so it comes down to how respectful of the road markings people are – people are parking on pavements, on the yellow zigzags, on corners, when they clearly shouldn’t. We have very effective road safety training in school and teach all our pupils to be aware of their surroundings, however there is such bad parking taking place, pupils can’t find safe places to cross and are having to cross between cars or on corners.”

A spokesman for East Riding Council said: “The council has received a letter from Miss E Brooks and an officer has spoken with the headteacher to discuss further details surrounding the concerns.

“An officer has agreed to visit the site to observe the issues raised.

“We have also raised the concerns with the council’s civil parking enforcement team and requested enforcement of the parking restrictions around the school, which means those who are parked illegally may receive a penalty charge notice.”

Pocklington Town Council planned to discuss the matter at its full council meeting last night.