Newts discovered near site of proposed roundabout

Newt proof perimeter fence near the junction of A1079 and Holme Road
Newt proof perimeter fence near the junction of A1079 and Holme Road

A population of newts have been found near Market Weighton, close to the junction of the A1079 and Holme Road, where there are plans to build a new £1.5million roundabout.

Earlier this year, East Riding Council commissioned an ecology survey to be undertaken at the site where the proposed roundabout is to be installed.

One of the outcomes of this survey was the identification of a nearby population of great crested newts.

As great crested newts are a protected species under European law, this has meant that in order for the scheme to continue, the council has had to apply for a licence from Natural England to allow ecologists to erect a newt proof perimeter fence around the proposed site to carry out a programme of trapping.

A spokesperson for East Riding Council said: “The trapping process is currently on-going and it is hoped the area will be clear of great crested newts in time for Natural England to allow us to start construction works in November.

“The trapped great crested newts are being relocated to an existing pond north of the site and the perimeter fencing will remain in place for the duration of the construction works, which will prevent further great crested newts from re-entering the site area.”