Are you missing out on green grants?

peter thomposon
peter thomposon
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Thousands of home owners in East Yorkshire could be missing out on Government grants to improve the energy efficiency of their houses, according to a top surveyor.

Peter Thomson, senior partner and residential surveyor at the Hull Office of Allied Surveyors, said a misconception that the Green Deal is not available to owners of older properties may be putting people off applying to the scheme.

Green Deal allows householders to make energy-saving improvements to their homes such as loft or cavity wall insulation and boiler replacement without having to pay the costs up front.

Instead the government provides loans to cover the cost of the work, which are then repaid through savings made on energy bills.

But according to Peter, many people believe houses constructed before the 1940s – around 40 per cent of Hull and East Yorkshire’s housing stock – are excluded from the scheme because they pre-date modern cavity wall construction methods.

“There is a misconception about Green Deal that only newer properties are eligible because they are built in such a way as to accommodate the energy-saving changes better,” he said.

“Certainly, in my experience of talking to the owners of older houses, they are put off from applying because they don’t think the scheme is for them. They may be eligible for other measures dependent on the construction type of their property, for example external insulation for a solid wall built house.

“If you extrapolate that out across Hull and East Yorkshire there are potentially tens of thousands of people who could be benefitting from the scheme who are not currently doing so. That’s ironic because it is precisely the owners of older properties, which tend to be less energy efficient, who are likely to gain most from Green Deal.”

Mr Thomson has been a surveyor in Hull and East Yorkshire for nearly 30 years and has an ‘encyclopaedic’ knowledge of properties in the region.

He encouraged owners of older properties to research Green Deal because he said it could result in significant savings on their annual bills.

“You can find out if you qualify by searching the government website,” he said.

“It is certainly worth a look because the older your property, the more you are likely to save.”