£1.6m road repair scheme starts

road works sign
road works sign
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East Riding of Yorkshire Council is well under way with its 2014 programme of surface dressing – approximately 91 kilometres (56.5 miles) of roads will be treated in a programme which is scheduled to run until late July.

That distance is the equivalent of a journey from Beverley to Leeds city centre. The £1.6m programme covers roads throughout the East Riding.

Surface dressing involves applying a bitumen binder and aggregate (chippings) to the existing road surface. This seals the carriageway against water getting into its foundations, restores good skid resistance and helps to reduce the formation of potholes in the future.

During and after the works, an advisory temporary speed limit of 20mph will be in operation to protect both the travelling public and the workforce. The roads are swept by mechanical sweeper at various stages of the process to remove surplus chippings before road markings are applied to complete the job.

The programme of roads included in the programme is on the council’s website – www.eastriding.gov.uk – and properties adjacent to the sites will receive detailed information before work starts. Advance warning signs will also be put up on the affected roads a week before the work begins.