Elvington Parish Council latest

Selected minutes from the Annual Meeting of Elvington Parish Council, which was held on Tuesday 19 May.

Councillors Present: Cllrs Bailey; Rees; Marsh; Moorhead; Taylor; Wilson + Ward Cllr Suzie Mercer.

Apologies: Cllr Laverack.

Election of Chairman

Cllr Bailey was nominated as Chairman by Cllr Wilson; seconded by Cllr Taylor and elected unanimously.

Cllr Rees was nominated as Vice Chairman by Cllr Wilson; seconded by Cllr Bailey and elected unanimously.

All Councillors have completed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms.

Declaration of Interests

Declaration of Interests by Councillors of any items on this agenda. Cllr Taylor declared an interest in Item 11, 15/00863, Grey Horse Inn.

Police matters

The crime report had been circulated to Cllrs. Only two minor incidents had been reported in April.

Correspondence (out):

Request to Public Rights of Way Officer for repairs to horse damaged paths.

Acknowledgement of YLCA Provision of Services Agreement.

Confirmation to grass cutting contractor of agreement to revised cost. Confirmation of use of Green for Village Fete.

Correspondence (in):

Newsletters: School; Healthwatch York; Voluntary Voice; YorOK.

Rural Services Network: News digests; Rural Vulnerability Service; Network News; Rural Housing Spotlight; Rural Action News; Rural Opportunities Bulletin.

Police & Crime Commissioner surgeries – 3 June – Huntington & Acomb.

CYC ‘York Cares Community Challenge’.

Royal Aeronautical Society Annual Sopwith Lecture – 25 June.

For consideration:

Nominations sought for CYC Joint Standards Committee

YLCA – Availability of ‘Good Councillor Guide’. To be circulated to Cllrs.

Posting to website regarding a rowing club trophy. The Clerk will respond saying there is no knowledge of surviving descendants – but the trophy could be donated to the Sports Club if no other home can be found for it.


Receipt. The following was noted:

CYC – £6,175.00 – precept (first instalment)

Payments. Minute 15021. The following were agreed:

The Lawn Man – £300.00 – April grass cuts

Elvington Village Hall – £50.00 – April meetings + First Responder use

D. J. Headlam – £23.49 – printer ink

Minute 15022. Cllr Rees proposed the following payment which was agreed:

I. Bailey – £13.10 – Annual Village Meeting refreshments

Other financial items:

Insurance. Quotations had been received from two insurers. Minute 15023. Council decided to remain with the current provider (Came & Company) and agreed to enter a three year Long Term Agreement to take advantage of a 5% discount. It was agreed to pay:

Broker Network Ltd – £639.45 – insurance premium

The Operating Statement was approved

The PWLB loan repayment instalment – £1,892.04 – was noted. The report from the Internal Auditor was received and will be circulated.

The Accounting Statements in the Annual return were approved along with the Annual Governance Statement in the Annual Return.

Play Area

This item was taken on the Agenda due to the need for an urgent repair to the Air Walkers and to maintain safety. Minute 15026. Council agreed to the quotation provided by Playscheme of £468.00.

Planning Matters.

15/00863 - Grey Horse Inn, Main Street – signage and lighting. Cllr Taylor declared an interest and took no part in the discussion or vote.

Minute 15027. Council strongly supported the application noting that it enhanced the visual amenity of the streetscape and setting of the village green – and was entirely compatible with the Conservation Area status.

To consider any Applications received after publication of this Agenda. There were none.

Approvals – the following were noted: 15/00241 – Broad Oak Cottage, Dauby Lane – installation of entrance gates and walls; 15/00436 – 7 Beckside – rear extension

Bus Services

Cllr Taylor had asked what action could be taken to promote the bus service.

The current service is very heavily subsidised, with only limited patronage, and so must be vulnerable when the contract is next reviewed in March 2016. Cllrs discussed various options, but any enhancement of the service would be very difficult to justify. Cllr Taylor agreed to progress ideas and report back at the next meeting.

BT Kiosk

BT has offered to sell the kiosk to the Council for £1, maintaining the power supply, but removing the telephony. Various alternative uses for the kiosk were discussed, but BT cannot arbitrarily remove the kiosk as it is a listed structure and is in the Conservation Area.

Cllr Moorhouse pointed out that by retaining the telephony, it provided a certain point for contacting emergency services.

Cllrs were asked to consider the pros and cons and a decision will be made next month. The Clerk will try to obtain current usage figures.

Highways, paths and verges

An email has been received from the Drainage Board revealing that Giant Hogweed has colonised parts of the beck near the Surgery. That will be sprayed, but there is concern that further Hogweed is in an adjoining field.

Ward Cllr Mercer will discuss what action can be taken at CYC, whilst Cllr Bailey will contact the landowners.

Cllr Rees pointed out that any restriction on HGVs on Dauby Lane could exacerbate the problem on Main Street. This item will be discussed next month.