Ellie-Mae targets life of drama

Ellie-Mae Rooke is hoping to embark on a successful drama career.
Ellie-Mae Rooke is hoping to embark on a successful drama career.

A Pocklington School pupil is showing she has real talent in the entertainment arena.

Ellie-Mae Rooke, 16, has taken on lead roles in High School Musical and Fame as part of the Performing Arts etc group.

Ellie-Mae takes centre stage.

Ellie-Mae takes centre stage.

She also took a lead role last year in Pocklington School’s very successful dark adaptation of Animal Farm. Ellie-Mae recently performed at various venues in York in the Mystery Plays.

She has just begun studying Theatre Studies at A Level and hopes to move on to a degree at York University in writing, directing and acting.

Ellie-Mae said: “Drama, acting and performing is just amazing. It helps me to express myself and as a result I’ve been able to accomplish things I never thought I could.

“My favourite aspect is that it can bring people from all walks of life together.

“Drama and being part of a productions really is my true passion and now that I have an agent I hope that I will keep on getting the opportunity to audition for many more roles and of being part of many more amazing productions.”

Her mum Kirsty said: “Ellie-Mae has now been taken on by my acting agent based in Yorkshire who provides walk on and featured artists for Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Peaky Blinders.

“I regularly appear in the soaps, and had a featured role in BBC’s Broken (drama) last year.

“My agent is very impressed by her commitment and passion at such a young age.

“We are now looking forward to potentially working together at some point.

“I’m so happy that her hard work and genuine passion for theatre and acting is being recognised.

“Her emerging confidence knock a few years ago when she auditioned for a part in a Musical Theatre Society production and didn’t even get a part in the ensemble.

“Thankfully her drama teacher, Alan Heaven, recognised her talent and for several years now has been quietly encouraging her, giving her opportunities to push herself, and her confidence has gone from strength to strength.

“I can’t believe how far she has come.”