Electoral warning

PEOPLE who fail to return electoral forms that will be delivered in the coming weeks are being warned it could affect their credit rating.

The forms are to be delivered to homes across the region in a bid to list all electors.

The house to house canvass is to be carried out in the coming weeks and will ask for information about who is likely to be the residents of each property on 15 October, 2011.

As far as possible the form is pre-printed with data based on who was resident in the property on 15 October of last year.

It is a legal requirement to complete and return the canvass form, but unreturned forms also means the person is not registered so they will be ineligible to vote in any elections, while it would also affect their credit and ability to get loans, mortgages or even mobile phone contracts.

Each year the electoral registration officer is required to undertake the process so details that are returned will form the 2012 electoral register.

Households must be included on the full register of electors, but they can opt out of being included on the ‘edited’ register. The edited register is available to the public and companies to buy. If you want to opt out of inclusion on the edited register, please mark the ‘opt out’ box on the form with a cross.

This year, in addition to being able to return forms by post, residents whose details are the same as last year - ie the same people live in the same house - will be able to register by telephone or internet.

Where a form is not returned, a canvasser will visit the property to try to get a response.

Residents are being warned that registering for council tax is not the same as registering to vote – current legislation means you will also need to complete the canvass form to vote.

For more information, contact Electoral Services on 01482 393310/3311/3312/3313 or email electoral.services@eastriding.gov.uk