Election profiles - candidates for Pocklington Provincial and Wolds Weighton wards

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East Riding Council has announced the full list of candidates for the Pocklington Provincial and Wolds Weighton wards, who have been nominated to stand for election on 7 May.

Elections will be held in all of the council’s 26 wards, with 67 seats up for grabs throughout the whole of the East Riding.

There are three seats to be won for the Pocklington Provincial Ward, and three for the Wolds Weighton Ward.

This year there is strong representation from the Conservative and Labour parties, who have three candidates in the running for each ward in the area.

There are also two UKIP candidates, one for each ward, and the Liberal Democrats also have a candidate for each ward.

In total, there are eight candidates vying for the three Pocklington Provincial Ward seats, and nine, including an independent candidate, for the three Wolds Weighton Ward seats.

The councillors are elected for a term of four years.

Pocklington Provincial Ward candidates:

Stephen Lane, Kay West and Claude Mole, Conservative

Kay West, Stephen Lane and Claude Mole present our message conjointly as the incumbent Pocklington Provincial Ward members for the past eight years.

This represents our aspirations and commitment to the communities which we are privileged to serve .

If re-elected, we will continue to put to the forefront the best interests of our constituents, working closely to ensure that as members of the leading group on the East Riding Council we place strong financial and performance management as a key priority.

This has and will continue to be managed by the representations we make on the various committees on which we sit, by applying scrutiny and support to a strong management team with a proven track record.

As a result, and in response to the Government’s austerity measures, the council has been able to maintain front-line services whilst freezing council tax and reducing its budget planned through innovative ways of delivering services differently.

The council’s performance has been recognised nationally as a finalist in “The Council of the Year” awards, an achievement we are proud to be associated with and testament to the cohesive way the authority and its elected members work.

Over the past eight years, we have overseen some key initiatives and investments, including Pocklington’s new library, the roundabouts and link road into the Pocklington Industrial Estate, and instigating a report into the parking and traffic problems in our ward.

If re-elected, we will continue to strive to ensure quality services, at best value for money, are provided.

‘In safe hands’ is not a catchphrase but a genuine assurance that with your vote we will continue to provide the services you want

Fiona Bruce, Labour

I have lived in the area for five years.

I moved here from Holmfirth in West Yorkshire. I worked as a librarian and a literacy worker before retiring and would take a special interest in schools and libraries if elected.

Having been brought up on a farm in Cornwall, I enjoy living in the country and I feel very privileged to live in such a beautiful rural area.

I take an active part in village life, being a member of the Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association and several other organisations.

However, I know from my own experience that rural life can be a struggle. Just getting around is difficult and expensive.

If elected, I would work with other councillors to make the East Riding a better place to live, especially for young people who need housing, better public transport and jobs.

I would actively keep in touch with the public through regular surgeries and I would campaign for more transparency regarding council proceedings.

Together with other Labour councillors on East Riding Council I’d campaign for a living wage and for better conditions for care workers, ensuring they are paid for travelling time and given sufficient time to spend with each client.

Cynthia Collier, Labour

I was brought up in a North Wales mining village and I have been an active member of the Labour Party for many years.

I am married, have two grown up children and two granddaughters.

I have always been involved in my community and am presently chairperson of an arts group as well as having been chairperson, secretary and treasurer to the local branch of the party. I have been a school governor in the past and was a member of my local parish council and led the creation of a play area in my village

On my recommendation our branch of the party is now focussing on issues such as fracking, housing, health and the benefits system.

I passionately believe that we should be striving to achieve a much fairer society, with equal opportunities for all.

I also believe we are all better when we work together to improve our communities rather than act for self alone.

This is why the NHS and the state education system are so important.

If elected I would concentrate on the local issues that affect us all, in particular the effect of the expansion of Pocklington on public services. I would also be seeking the upgrading of facilities at Woldgate College.

Tony Williams, Labour

I have lived in the Pocklington area for 35 years and have been an active member of many local organisations during that time.

Although of retirement age, I am still working as a design consultant. There is a wonderful community spirit in the area and I will work to ensure this is preserved. Job creation, business growth and continued investment in projects to improve transport, housing and the infrastructure are essential. However, there is no doubt that people have been damaged by government policies during the past five years. So we must ensure that our public services are able to protect and support those who are vulnerable in our society.

I am standing for election because I believe in social justice, fairness and equal opportunities for everyone. The decisions I will make on behalf of the people of Pocklington Provincial Ward will be guided by these principles. The Labour Party introduced the minimum wage despite opposition from the Tories. Now is the time to introduce a living wage and I will be pressing for East Riding Council to do the decent thing and pay its employees accordingly.

Sue Taylor, Liberal Democrats

I am shortly to complete my four-year term of office on Pocklington Town Council. It has been a privilege to serve the community, to listen to discussions and to speak in support of some exciting projects during this time.

Projects that include the skatepark, the designation of Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field on West Green as a green space for recreation and leisure for the towns’ people, a much needed free park and the town bonfire night. I have served on the policy and resources, planning and road safety sub-committees, the Arts Centre management committee (supporting the digital cinema) and the Neighbourhood Development Plan committee

I aim to work for fairness and equality in our community. I support the inclusion of safe cycle tracks and footpaths to link the old and new housing areas with the town centre and schools, and for a lowering of the speed limit to 20 mph in housing and shopping areas and around all schools. There is a need for the further consideration of safer disabled access to facilities in our town centre. I applaud the setting up of the Young People Count group.

Sue Woodcock, UKIP

Born in London, I was a police officer in Hampshire for many years, and then a shepherd on a hill farm in the Dales before retiring to Pocklington.

I have the time and energy to devote myself to being a hard working councillor and standing up for those who might not otherwise have a voice. I feel it is important for all residents to have a voice, not just those who have a majority in the area. Should I be elected, I promise to listen and take action if appropriate and get an answer if nothing else. I will not just ‘go along with’ the waste that is allowed and I want to emphasise the needs of the elderly and young people in the area.

The time has come for a change, for the better. If you vote for me it will start such a change. I am honest, straight talking and afraid of no one. I believe in a fair society. Let Pocklington Provincial lead the way, by voting for me.

Wolds Weighton Ward candidates

Andy Burton, Conservative

I have represented Wolds Weighton as ward councillor on East Riding Council for the past 16 years.

I am married with three daughters and a granddaughter. I have worked locally and nationally in agriculture all my working life and have an interest in encouraging local jobs to provide a strong local economy to help the living standards of East Riding residents.

Planning plays an important role in how our area develops and prospers, I have chaired the local planning committee and have been a member of the strategic planning committee for many years, I served as cabinet portfolio holder for economic development for five years representing the East Riding on a number of national, regional and local bodies aimed at improving the job prospects for our East Riding residents.

Working closely with ward colleagues we have supported and helped deliver many local initiatives in and around Market Weighton, a new health centre, business centres, a new library and customer service centre, a new scout and guide headquarters, road improvements to the A1079, local infrastructure and transport in our villages.

I ask for your vote on 7 May to continue the work on your behalf.

David Rudd, Conservative

I have represented most of Wolds Weighton Ward at district and town council level for the last 30 years.

I am married and have a daughter, son and grandson. For 31 years I was an insurance agent and retired 13 years ago, meaning that I could devote my time to local issues.

I am a governor at The Market Weighton School, a sidesman and a member of the PCC and Trustee at All Saints’ Church, Market Weighton.

I represented East Riding Council on the Humberside Police Authority, spending two years as vice chairman and a further two years as chairman of the Police & Crime Panel. Currently I am vice chairman of western area planning, on the licensing committee, safer & stronger communities overview & scrutiny committee, Humberside Playing Fields Association and SACRE. In 2010/11 I had the honour of being chairman of East Riding Council.

These are some of the schemes and organisations I have supported in the Wolds Weighton Ward:- Building the Scout and Guide Headquarters in Market Weighton, the new health centre, the Holme Road roundabout, new village halls at Bishop Wilton and Sancton. Your vote will enable me to continue to work on your behalf.

Mike Stathers, Conservative

I’m East Yorkshire through and through. Born into a farming family, I attended Pocklington School before embarking on a successful career as a journalist, becoming chief reporter of the Yorkshire Post. Thereafter, for more than 20 years, I owned one of the region’s leading PR and public affairs consultancies until retiring last year.

I’m a former member and chairman of Shiptonthorpe (my home village) Parish Council and have served on a number of local community and business groups.

My beliefs include:

The protection of our villages through careful control of proposed development while encouraging rural business growth and start-ups

Helping local businesses to generate more success stories, more jobs and healthy micro economies

I will press for a comprehensive review of traffic management and parking in Market Weighton and our larger villages

As a former rugby player and cricketer, I am a keen supporter of all sports

Having lost my mother to Alzheimers last year, I would like to see better localised care for the elderly

Personally, I’m forthright without being opinionated. I don’t suffer fools. I work hard and I would so much appreciate your vote to give me the right to represent you at County Hall.

Andrew Boothroyd, Labour

I have lived in the ward since 2008. As a former secondary school deputy headteacher, I have wide experience of working with young people and families. I campaigned on local issues in York, where I lived previously, and succeeded, for example, in getting a new primary school. I have helped several elderly relatives meet challenges such as dealing with money matters, the health service and care homes.

I’m concerned about the cuts the Conservative-run council have made to social care. This has added to the pressure on hospitals. Labour will get health and care services working together, so that people are properly supported in their community.

Many people are forced to rent privately, which is very expensive. Nationally, Labour will increase low-cost housing and introduce three-year tenancies, with a ceiling on excessive rent rises.

I see young families struggling financially. Labour will introduce the living wage for county council employees and contractors, and encourage other employers to do so.

If elected I will campaign for better public transport, to reduce feelings of isolation in the Wolds Weighton Ward, and to help reduce air pollution. I shall work hard to represent local people and to help build a fairer community.

Joy Thompson, Labour

I’m a mum and a grandma. I’ve lived in the Wolds Weighton Ward for over 20 years and know the particular challenges facing those of us who live in the sticks, not least rural housing costs, poor and ever decreasing public transport services and the threat of unconventional fracking.

I joined the Labour Party two years ago as I grew increasingly frustrated at the social divide I can see growing in our country and because I got fed up with shouting at the TV. As a new Labour Party member I learned an awful lot about how politics works and how it does not always benefit everyone. I’ve seen Ed Miliband and Labour’s shadow cabinet at close quarters and I’ve campaigned with our parliamentary candidate Kevin Hickson over the past few months. I believe Labour is our only chance to correct the direction Britain is taking. Ed Miliband is a decent and courageous man and Kevin is compassionate and principled. I’m standing as a Labour Party local council candidate because I hope to make our local society fairer and not just to the benefit of vested interests.

William Thompson, Labour

Since leaving the Royal Navy and moving back to East Yorkshire I’ve grown more and more concerned about local and national problems.

Problems such as the ever increasing line between our hierarchy and the people, the privatisation of the health service and public transport, unconventional fracking and many more which, with the right leadership and support we can turn around. This is why I’m standing as a Labour Party local council candidate, even though I am young I do believe in social justice and that I will also bring a different edge to the local council.

Peter Hemmerman, Independent

I have lived in Market Weighton for 32 years being elected to the town council in 2007.

I served as Mayor for three years and deputy mayor for the last two years. I believe strongly that party politics should play no part in local councils, members should represent residents without bias or favour. I am standing for Wolds Weighton and Market Weighton Town Council.

I have a proven record of getting things done and will continue to campaign on issues which are important to everyone.

I have made several commitments to residents which are available on my website www.peterhemmerman.com and include sorting out the parking chaos around our schools, reopening the Beverley to York rail line, a new road to bypass Shiptonthorpe and Hayton and measures on housebuilding and flood prevention, swimming and sports facilities, cycle paths, business rates and improvements to healthcare facilities. I will not support fracking or drilling applications in the area and will campaign to make the Wolds an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

All my contact details are on my website, I am on Facebook and Twitter and I want to hear from you about any issues you have.

Dale Needham, Liberal Democrats

I have lived in Market Weighton for 13 years and have two children educated in local schools.

I am a community governor at The Market Weighton School, chairing the resources committee. I previously served as chair of governors at Mount Pleasant Junior School. I am standing as a Liberal Democrat and am currently constituency chairperson of East Yorkshire Liberal Democrats. I have been secretary and membership secretary of the local party. I am passionate about our area and seek to represent local views with an alternative perspective that cannot be represented by the Tories alone.

Sustainability is key in all future planning and it is imperative projects like the restoration of a Beverley to York rail link are implemented, reducing congestion and pollution. Housebuilding must suit local needs fulfilling commitments to accommodate first time buyers, ‘real’ affordable homes with rent to own schemes. Drainage and sewerage requires strategic planning in light of recent flooding issues and road access to reduce bottle necks as at Hawling Road / Southgate.

Andy Strangeway, UKIP

Born in Londesborough, in February 1965, my family were farmworkers in the Wolds Weighton area.

I spent 29 years in Nunburnholme. After attending Woldgate School Pocklington and working for three years at Warter Estate, I became a self-employed painter and decorator in 1984. My business still flourishes in our area to this day.

As an adventurer, my can do attitude resulted in numerous firsts, this attitude has helped me to become a successful campaigner. I established the East Riding flag in 2013 and unveiled the first ever Yorkshire boundary sign on Yorkshire Day 2014. Earlier this month I successful campaigned to have parking bays on Market Street, Pocklington rewidened to prevent East Riding Council issuing local motorists parking tickets.

I stand for anti-corruption, honesty and transparency. I will be a councillor who will listen, research and take action. I will vote against the inflated salaries of senior East Riding Council staff. I will oppose all windfarms with the full support of my party. I will encourage local referendums for local issues.

Website: www.andystrangewayukip.com