Your article: Student council helps plan for school’s curriculum

Student council
Student council

The Market Weighton School Student Council has been heavily involved in the planning for next year’s curriculum. The school believes the best way to get students to engage fully with school life is to allow them the opportunity to contribute to the running of the school.

Its Student Council has been working with Michelle Coates to update the school’s Behaviour Policy and Homework Policy. Students spent two days reviewing the school’s current policies and worked through many different options and possibilities. At the end of each day they presented their findings and suggestions to the Headteacher, Gavin Chappell.

Mr Chappell said: “The students entered into these tasks with great vigour and maturity. It was a pleasure to see how hard they had worked on each occasion and to receive their astute feedback. It was also indicative of the youngsters that we have here, that all year groups were able to readily work together. Their work will contribute significantly to the school Development Plan next year.”

The students thought the two days were very productive; they gained insight into how and why there are school policies and it gave them real ownership of the school.