Your article: Staff gunging during Charity Week

Member of staff gets gunged
Member of staff gets gunged

Pocklington School held its annual Charity Week recently.

With so many great charities to choose from the School Charity Committee had a difficult time deciding which the school would support this year. They made the decision to select a local, national and an international charity, including Riding for the Disabled, a local charity providing therapy, achievement and enjoyment to people with disabilities. The others were Blesma, supporting injured service men in the UK, and African Impact, supporting volunteer work in Africa.

A full schedule of events took place during the week including the renowned staff gunging, featuring teachers Clare Swann, Martin Butcher, Gareth Hughes and a surprise quincentenary guest appearance by the Headmaster, Mark Ronan.

Other events were a Great Pock Bake Off, where 500th birthday themed cakes were judged by Mr D’Arcy, the cakes were then sold to raise money for the charities. Other activities included three legged races, giant musical chairs, a non-uniform day, butler auction, mini football and a historic lunch in the presence of HRH King Henry VIII.

The total funds raised are still to be announced.