Your article: Pupils dig deep for anniversary garden

Bugthorpe Primary pupils preparing the ground for the garden.
Bugthorpe Primary pupils preparing the ground for the garden.

It may well have been Chelsea flower show last week, but the children at Bugthorpe Primary School are proving just as big a match as the top garden designers.

Over the last two weeks they have been out in all weathers preparing the ground for their anniversary garden, marking 50 years of the foundation of the new school.

Lyn Grant, part-time teacher at the school, said: “Last week the weather threw all sorts at us. We had rain, wind, hail and sunshine but still the children were out there digging an area for their tiled floor to be positioned. They have now dug the paths leading up to the central tiled floor. That means we should be able to lay the tiles next week, giving them time to settle before the grand opening on 20 June.”

The children and staff at the school made all the tiles for the large number 50, which will be a centre piece for the garden. Everyone made a hand print on a tile, which was then patterned and initialled so that the maker of each tile could be identified. Lyn explained: “It is a record of all the people at Bugthorpe school in 2015 and will serve as a great reminder of that fact for many years to come.

“We still have a lot of work to do, but it will look lovely on 20 June, when we hope as many people as possible can come and join us.”