Your article: Production retells the story of Cinderella

Woldgate Sixth Form students performed an adaptation of Aschenputtle.
Woldgate Sixth Form students performed an adaptation of Aschenputtle.

Woldgate College sixth form students recently performed a creative adaptation of ‘Aschenputtle’, a retelling of the story of Cinderella.

This production is an opportunity for A-level drama and theatre studies students to put into practice their growing understanding of theatre, and for the non-drama students involved, it is a chance to be part of a creative and independent process.

This production was predominantly devised and directed by the young people participating, led by three of the A2 drama class, with production support from two of the college’s extremely talented year 11’s. The rehearsal process was supported and supervised by Miss Brame, with musical and technical assistance from Mr Wall.

We were also delighted to welcome back an ex-student, the talented Anna Hughes, who very kindly contributed her folk music expertise. The well-known fairy tale was given a new perspective by being set in the Industrial Revolution and contained folk songs and dances as well as acting from a diverse range of characters.

The sixth form were first given the idea five weeks ago and began creating the production immediately after the Christmas break. Since then, they have rehearsed every week by adding theatrical features and twists to give the challenging performance a unique edge.

All students and teachers involved gathered in school over a weekend to polish and refine the performance ready for the opening show. As a sixth form student myself, I have found the experience really valuable, as it allows others to see the sixth form working together as a unit to collectively create a piece of high-standard theatre. I think this is really important as it gives sixth form students the opportunity to show what they can accomplish, which helps them to develop both mentally and physically in terms of adapting their own ideas, which is vital for the next stages of their lives. The support and enthusiasm for the piece was evident in the audience’s response, which was overwhelmingly positive. It has been very enjoyable to work with new people and I was very proud to be part of something which received such incredible feedback.