Your article: Poppies planted in school grounds

Children at a Pocklington school have created their own version of the blood swept Lands and Seas of Red installation at the Tower of London.

More than 200 ceramic poppies have been planted at Pocklington Community Junior School after pupils and staff learnt how to make and paint their own version of the flowers with the help of a local potter at Fangfoss Pottery.

Children planting the poppies

Children planting the poppies

The poppies were planted in the school grounds when the Bishop of Whitby, Rev Paul Ferguson and Mayor of Pocklington, Paul West opened the new garden.

Representatives from the Royal British Legion in Pocklington, Gerald Petch and Steve Forde, also attended.

In addition, serving members of the armed forces were present, Lance Corporal Dave Walker and military policeman Dan Joyce from the army. The soldiers spoke to all year groups giving an insight into life in today’s modern army. The children thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the experiences and excitement these soldiers encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Sue Yeates, from the school, said: “The children thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the whole day. Making the poppies has made it real for them, not something they just see on the news. Not only did they learn how to make the poppies but also discovered the sadness of warfare and why the poppy was chosen due to the fact that they were the only flowers that grew on the mud soaked battlefields.”

More pictures in next week’s (4 December) Pocklington Post.