Your article: Pocklington students visit former concentration camp

Students in Years 10 and 11 at Pocklington School have enjoyed an educational trip to Germany. Year 11 students Daisy Barnes, Anna Holdstock and Sarah Lancaster report on the experience.

The journey commenced at 8am from the school gates. We then took the coach to Manchester airport, from where we flew to Munich. We got to the Meininger Hotel at 5pm. That evening we went to a traditional German beer hall for our dinner - the majority of people had schnitzel.

Students in Munich

Students in Munich

The next day we were off to an early start, as we had to walk to Central Station to get the train to the town of Dachau.

When we arrived Mr Long promptly got us lost but remained optimistic. We arrived half an hour late for the tour but had a banterous walk.

We were guided round the camp which was both moving and interesting. We saw the main features of the camp and learned about some of the history behind the site.

It was very emotional to see the place where so many people had lost their lives, and changed our perspective.

The tour was followed by a cultural lunch at McDonalds. During the walk to McDonalds, the fifth formers promptly moved from the back to the front of the group, and successfully managed to navigate their way there - showing important leadership skills.

We then caught the train back to Munich, and had a tour of important places in the city. We followed the development of the Nazi party, including seeing buildings where Hitler first founded the party, through to tracing the steps of the Munich Putsch.

The next day, we went to Nuremberg to see the rally grounds of the Nazi party. We had a guided tour by a Scottish lady. You would not believe just how interesting Nazi architecture really is.

The teachers’ enthusiasm was infectious. This was followed by an audio-guided tour around a museum, we were allowed to take our time with the interactive displays. It took us through the timeline from the beginning of the party to the Nuremburg trails. After a nutritious meal of nachos we boarded another tram into the city centre, to continue our tour of the main sites, such as the Rathaus. It was the last evening so there was a nostalgic feeling amongst the pupils, we all gathered to play pool and watch TV together.

The next morning, we were at the Allianz Arena, the home of Bayern Munich Football Club and the slightly less famous 1860 team too.

We had another guided tour, to the usual off limit areas such as the changing rooms. Mr Long exerted his photography skills to great avail and Mr Hughes had yet another selfie moment. The group then proceeded to the gift shops which was very expensive, however a few members of the group made purchases.

The trip home involved Mr Hughes and Sarah bonding over their fears of flying with Will Blackburn’s helpful commentary on all aspects of planes.

The trip was brilliant, both informative and fun. We really were inspired for life.