Your article: Munich trip ‘an awesome experience’

The former Dachau concentration camp.
The former Dachau concentration camp.

Twenty two year 10 and 11 students at Pocklington School accompanied by Mr Long, Mrs Powell and Mr Hall took a trip to Munich, Dachau, Nuremberg and the Allianz as part of their GCSE history curriculum.

Year 11 pupils Thea Davies, Jacob Brown and Will Baines write about the trip.

The trip to Munich was an awesome experience, there is no better way to put it. It is great to see everything we have learned in the classroom link together. For us as year 11’s who haven’t studied the Nazi topic for more than a year, it was a great reminder and it helped everything come back to us, just in time before our GCSE exams. It took the events out of the textbook and right in front of you, making them more realistic and understandable. You can see where the events actually took place.

On the first day we walked the Munich Putsch, and took a detour to Hitler’s home that is now a shop. We then walked into the centre of Munich, unaware to us a carnival was starting to take place. We took a walk around Munich before catching a train to Dachau, which was incredibly moving. Reading about it in the text book is completely different to seeing where people were being held, killed and forced to work. For some the hardest part was going into the gas chamber. The guide we had was excellent. We then returned to Munich and were met by a full city of people in fancy dress, and a lot of smashed bottles on the floor. It is an experience many will not be forgetting anytime soon. In the evening we went to a beer hall near the hotel, which was an entertaining experience, when trying to order tap water, getting some strange version of fizzy water.

On day two we took the train to Nuremburg. We had a guided tour of all the rally grounds, there were plenty of photo opportunities. Again we had a lovely tour guide who made the experience much better. After the rally grounds we went inside the museum there which had an audio guide of the rise of Hitler and what happened when he was in power. We then took the tram back into the city centre and headed off to get some food. Bainsy found his love in a muesli shop, with countless numbers of different types, I think that made his trip!

On the final day we took a trip to the Allianz Arena, it was quite amazing. Being able to go inside the changing rooms, see the conference room, stand in the tunnel that leads out onto the pitch was special. Afterwards we went into the megastore, which sells practically everything you could need, including Bayern Munich sweets. Later at the airport we said goodbye to Munich.

It is a trip everyone should go on and is one of the best trips we have had. Finally, we would like to thank Mr Long for the organising the trip, Miss Powell for bringing up the rear of the group and making sure no-one got left on any trains or anywhere else, and finally Mr Hall for, well, being Mr Hall, and supplying the banter and laughs.