Your article: Looking forward to the next 500 years in science education

Pitch experiment.
Pitch experiment.

Pocklington School is now looking forward to the next 500 years having celebrated the last five centuries of the school.

How pertinent it is that taking the lead on this are the Shapers of the Future - the physics department.

Teacher David Hutchings and technician Ann Lawson have devised an experiment to do just that.

Following in the footsteps of famed experimental chemist and physicist Lord Kelvin, Pocklington now have their very own pitch experiment, one designed to last at least the next half millenium.

A sample of pitch (a very slow-flowing liquid) has been placed in a glass funnel on display in the school archive. Over the centuries, this will drip through, with details of science lessons being recorded in a book on each day that a drip falls.

Estimates suggest that this may only happen once a decade. Not a thrilling spectacle on a day-to-day basis but the result will document the development of science education at Pocklington School.

Mr Hutchings said: “Many thanks should go to the Headmaster for officially opening the experiment, to Colin Cleugh from IKO group for supplying the pitch and much advice, and finally to those who attended the opening with such enthusiasm.”