Your article: Junior school’s Holgate visit

Pocklington Community Junior School pupils at Archbishop Holgate School
Pocklington Community Junior School pupils at Archbishop Holgate School

Year 5 pupils at Pocklington Community Junior School recently visited Archbishop Holgate School in York to take part in a maths and science morning.

The children were very excited about travelling to York via bus, and curious about what awaited them.

On arrival, pupils were taken to the main hall where they were briefed about the Holgate diamond thief. They then got involved in helping to solve the crime with microscopes, before arriving at a final deduction of who was the culprit.

The Holgate diamond thief was one of five suspects – all of whom were members of the teaching staff at Archbishops – and the children were given a sheet of clues for each suspect.

The next step was for the pupils to decide which of them was the culprit.

Firstly, they went into the classroom to use electric microscopes, which many of them had never used before – an exciting experience for them.

They then went into the science laboratory and separated the colours of ink onto special paper using water.

This exercise enabled the children to be able to work out what the criminal was wearing at the time of the crime. This process is known as forensic science and is used on a daily basis by police to capture the modern day criminals.

Pupils then pieced all the evidence together and reduced the list of suspects down to one – the main offender, ‘Light Fingered’ Lever.

Everyone returned to the main hall where they were greeted by Archbishop Holgate’s headmaster and congratulated for working out who the culprit was so quickly.

The staff from Pocklington were given certificates to hand out to the children when they arrived back in their classrooms.

Feedback from the children revealed that they had an amazing, exciting time and one which they talked about all the way back home on the bus.

The general consensus from the children was that they would very much like to return to Archbishop Holgate School.

Tom said that the trip was a memory that he would “always remember”, while Kai added that “it was a very enjoyable experience and I would like to do it again.”