Your article: Inspiring school’s mathematicians

Woldgate students who attended the Maths Inspiration lectures.
Woldgate students who attended the Maths Inspiration lectures.

A group of aspiring year 11, 12 and 13 mathematicians at Woldgate watched the Maths Inspiration lectures in Leeds.

They were treated to three talks from speakers who use Maths in their careers in different ways.

The first was an interactive talk from Rob Eastaway, who is best known for his enlightening Maths books, but has also studied engineering and problem solving. He explained some of the probability behind some of our favourite gameshows: Deal or no Deal, Play your Cards Right and Goldenballs. Ellis and Callum volunteered to take part in one of the games, although their gentlemanly behaviour may have stopped them winning £10 each!

The second talk was about animals’ feelings and their behaviour. This was given by Lisa Collins, whose job involves watching hours of animal videos to study their behaviour, and using mathematical models to analyse it.

The third talk was by maths comedian, Matt Parker, who showed an entertaining and interesting look into the fourth dimension. The group of Woldgate students saw Mobius strips turn into love hearts with a simple cut and a knitted hat that was in the shape of the 3D shadow of a 4D shape (because obviously we cannot see a 4D shape in our 3D world!).  

At the end, there was an opportunity to ask the speakers some questions. Three Woldgate pupils came up with excellent questions, including Ellis, challenging Matt Parker to recite the digits of Pi. Matt managed about 7, but Ellis easily beat him by reciting 87 digits of Pi.

A spokesperson for the school said: “Woldgate pupils were excellent throughout the day and I hope they have been given an insight into some of the exciting career paths they could take using maths.”