Your article: Ex-students receive royal recognition

The former Pocklington School students who have received Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards.
The former Pocklington School students who have received Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards.

Ten former Pocklington School students were recently welcomed to St James’s Palace in London by the Duke of Edinburgh to receive their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards.

The group were among 12 students who qualified for the award while in the Upper Sixth. They chatted with the Duke about their mutual dislike of Scottish midges as they discussed the challenges they completed as part of the award.

Ellie Cheney said: “Going to the palace was an amazing and a surreal experience. It’s a great feeling to see all of your hard work being noticed and rewarded.”

Clare Schofield added: “It was a really nice way to round off the award and it was great to all go to the palace together.”

Actor Ross Kemp, of EastEnders and Ross Kemp on Gangs fame, presented the certificates in the Queen Anne room of the palace on behalf of the Duke.

Adam Hall, the school’s Duke of Edinburgh Award co-ordinator, said: “The Duke was as amusing, engaging and interested in the award as ever. He makes a point of discussing their experiences with the young people and is genuinely interested in what they have been up to. Several of our students got the chance to discuss their expedition with him.

“As part of my role as Marshall, I was introduced to the Duke himself and we had a short chat about where I fit within the Duke of Edinburgh Award. He was delighted and impressed that I was in attendance with our very first cohort of gold students and was curious to know how they had fared.”

Louise Lamb, the school’s able gifted and talented co-ordinator, was in attendance as a special regional guest in recognition of the work and support she has given the award at our school.

Mr Hall said: “For the students, Louise and myself, a palace reception was something very special and it was great to share that with the students involved.”