Your article: Drama pupils rewarded with outstanding set of marks

Year 13 drama pupils performing their final piece of practical work.
Year 13 drama pupils performing their final piece of practical work.

Year 13 drama and theatre studies pupils at Woldgate College performed their final piece of practical work to the moderator.

This performance contributes to 40% of their final A2 mark, and 20% of their final A-level. Since January, the six pupils have been working extremely hard on creating this piece of devised theatre and it is fair to say that, at times, they have found it a challenging and frustrating process. However, their commitment to the work has been outstanding and the finished product was an incredibly powerful and thought-provoking piece of theatre.

The brief for this performance was that pupils must devise, from scratch, a piece of theatre in a performance style of their choice, and choose an issue or subject that they feel passionate about and which suits their chosen performance style. As ever, the pupils were extremely ambitious, and took on the sensitive and complex issue of mental health and the impact that mental illness can have on the people closest to the sufferer.

They chose to devise in the style of physical theatre, where there is an emphasis on the use of movement to create meaning. This style was used in their piece to explore the inner state and the true feelings of the characters, beyond the words they may choose to say to each other. There were some breath-taking movement sequences, which combined beautifully with the music and lighting, and the pupils transformed themselves into precise and well-drawn characters who evoked sympathy and empathy from the audience. Their hard work and talent was rewarded with an outstanding set of marks, with every student achieving a top band mark.

A spokesperson for the school said: “We are delighted for the pupils and incredibly proud of what they have achieved. Well done.”