Your article: Artists create murals with help of youngsters

Year 5 mural
Year 5 mural

This impressive artwork is the result of several months hard work by artists, Jan Haskins and Kate Noble, both of Ace Arts.

The art project has been part of a series of workshops in school this year and has involved all pupils, starting with each child drawing images that represent what school means to them. We wanted to create a mural that will signify what our school is all about and to celebrate all aspects of school life.

Jan, keen to build on the work of the pupils, used the children’s creative and inspirational ideas to design each mural. Both Jan and Kate are committed to giving children the confidence to ‘have a go’ and experiment with their artistic ideas.

With their support all pupils had the opportunity to experiment with different painting techniques and apply their brushstrokes to the canvas, helping create the final masterpieces.

Sue Yeates, from the school, said: “The children have loved being involved and it has inspired a love of art.

“Undoubtedly the murals are very visually effective and will look fabulous in school. They are displayed in our main reception entrance and on the walls in central corridors, telling all pupils and visitors the story of our life at the junior school. The bright, vibrant work is eye catching and full of intricate details and we are very proud of all the children’s achievements.”

We are very grateful to our Friends of the School who have provided funding to support the project.

More pictures in next week’s (4 December) Pocklington Post.