Your article: An array of musical talent

Pockfest 500
Pockfest 500

A cool summer’s evening did not deter the hundreds of pupils, parents and Old Pocklingtonians who attended the Pockfest 500 – Party @ Pock.

The crowds were entertained by an array of musical talent ranging from current pupils Fred Jibson, Amy Crowther and Fin Henderson to former students.

In addition to the singer Claire Russell (OP 1996-2003) we were fortunate to have the return of Old Pocklingtonian bands ‘Fiction’ (Simon Hudson Old Pocklingtonian 1974-81), Bad Robot (Messrs Lord, Pratt, Robertson and Watkins Old Pocklingtonians 2001-09) and the Rufus Watson Trio (Rufus Watson, Jordan Smith, Paddy Russell Old Pocklingtonians 2006-13).

The quality of music throughout the evening was of the highest quality, with the Swing Band and Staff Band as good as ever.

The finale was a wonderful firework display set to the music of the 1812 overture, followed by Flo Taylor leading the community singing of Rule, Britannia and Jerusalem

The decorated array of gazebos were the best we had ever seen and on behalf of the Friends of Pocklington School we would like to thank those who attended and made such a tremendous effort.

More than £2,000 was raised which has been donated to two local charities, Pocklington Imagination Library and St Leonard’s Hospice, York.