Your article: After school clubs encouraging kids to be active

Hull City Football Club’s Tigers Sport and Education Trust attend Pocklington Community Junior School on a weekly basis to deliver PE lessons and after school sessions to its pupils.

The school’s PE specialists have the relevant knowledge and experience to support every child’s development by designing PE lessons that are fun, engaging and supported with suitable learning outcomes.

Whilst the curriculum based PE lessons have an emphasis on invasion games (net/wall, striking/fielding, target, pursuit/evade and co-operation), the extra-curricular after school club has allowed the pupils take part in a variety of activities such as football, netball and multi-skills all based on the importance of team work. The sports coaches at the Tigers Trust have high expectations of the children who take part in their sporting sessions and work brilliantly alongside the school’s teaching staff.

Every child in school is given the opportunity to join anyone of the after school clubs as they are open to all age groups and are on a first come first served basis.

One of the after school clubs which Hull City are teaching this half term, is netball, which includes both boys and girls for a one hour session on a Monday afternoon.

The clubs encourage the children to actively participate in exercise and increase the importance of being active whilst enjoying a variety of sports, giving a positive attitude to a healthy lifestyle.

Sammie Workman, sports coach from the Tigers Trust, said: “The pupils at Pocklington Community Junior School have very much met the requirement expected by the children, displaying excellent listening skills, effort levels and manners. The Trust will continue to attend the school until the end of the academic year, and look forward to continuing the fantastic relationship that has been developed with the children since September 2014.”