Your article: A colourful and vibrant show

Prep School presents Pinocchio.
Prep School presents Pinocchio.

Children in year 3 and year 4 of Pocklington Prep School recently presented their production of the children’s classic story, Pinocchio.

In a colourful and vibrant show the children took the audience on a journey with Pinocchio, leading him from Gepetto’s toyshop into the belly of a whale.

Along the way, Pinocchio, played by Scarlet Robinson, learns the importance of telling the truth and the unpleasant consequences of telling lies. With the help of Jiminy Cricket (Mariya Smith) he eventually returns safely to Gepetto (Isabella Rowley) and is rewarded by the Blue Fairy (Belle Yeomans) who grants his wish to be a real boy.

The year 4 children performed beautifully as toys in Gepetto’s toyshop, puppets in the puppet theatre and mischievous urchins who lead Pinocchio astray. The year 3 children sang and spoke with great confidence on the large stage at the Tom Stoppard Theatre. Well done to everyone involved.