Youngsters learn how to stay safe online

Anti-bullying day at Pocklington Community Junior School
Anti-bullying day at Pocklington Community Junior School

Cyber bullying is a growing problem at the moment, which is why one local school has been teaching its pupils about how they can stay safe online.

Pocklington Community Junior School held an anti-bullying day last Friday as part of National Anti Bullying Week, which saw pupils take part in a range of activities to learn about cyber bullying.

The theme was ‘Our future: safe, fun and connected’ and during the day the pupils learned what cyber bullying would look like, where it might happen and gained advice on how to report cyber bullying to stop it from happening.

The children created their own avatars - an icon or figure representing a particular person on the internet - to communicate online with others safely.

They also worked together across year groups to create posters, songs and dramatic performances which would provide help and advice for other children who may have experienced cyber bullying issues.

The day ended with a whole school celebration of the days achievements.

More pictures of the anti-bullying day in this week’s paper (28 November).