Woldgate Sixth Form driving the message home

Woldgate students with the I-Car
Woldgate students with the I-Car

Sixth Form students at Woldgate College were given a very vivid experience to remember as part of an East Riding Council initiative warning against dangerous driving.

Educators from Safer Roads Humber visited Woldgate College in Pocklington to explain the dangers and wider impact of reckless driving and to promote road safety in young drivers.

Groups of students then had the opportunity to take a simulated drive in the I-Car, a modified Vauxhall Astra that realistically recreates the motion and impact felt during a car crash.

During the experience, up to five students sat in the I-Car and watched a short film telling the story of five young people involved in a car crash, whilst the I-Car moved in synchronisation to the events shown.

Students emerged from the I-Car with a more mature and responsible approach to driving.

One student said: “It has really shown me how easy it could be to lose control of a car if you are going too fast.” Another student added: “I am learning to drive at the moment and this has made me determined not to get into bad habits.”

Head of Sixth Form, Amanda Longstaff, said: “Our Sixth Form students are very mature and sensible young adults. However, the I-Car presentation and experience has shown them how easily mistakes can be made whilst driving. Most importantly, they have learnt how dangerous it can be to distract a friend who is driving, or to encourage them to drive faster.”

Although the experience carried an important message, the students and teachers also enjoyed sitting in the I-Car itself, with individual students vying for the driver’s seat.

The event organiser explained: “It is important to get the message about safe driving across to young people in a way that they will remember and enjoy. The I-Car experience does this very effectively.”

The experience is the culmination of a series of lessons about safe driving taught by Sixth Form tutors in weekly tutorial sessions.