Village school’s nursery plan

A VILLAGE primary school wants to create a nursery on its premises within the next year.

Sutton-upon-Derwent CE primary will soon be submitting a planning application to build two new prefabricated classrooms and toilets to allow for nursery classes to be held.

It would mean the school would be able to take children as young as three. The current starting age is four.

The school’s headteacher, Steve Woodhouse, says the new building enables the school to provide more personalised learning for its pupils.

He said: “It will mean the school can split a classroom and make four classrooms and have simple class sizes and more personalised learning for children in class.”

Currently, the school has three classrooms which sees reception and year one put together, years two, three and four in the same room and year five pupils sharing a room with year six.

If new classrooms are built, Mr Woodhouse wants to put nursery youngsters with reception pupils, year one with year two and years three and four together in a different room, with years five and six staying as they are.

The school’s head said the plan was run the nursery alongside the village pre-school, Derwent Ducklings, which is open three mornings a week in the village hall with the new nursery offering afternoon provision.

Mr Woodhouse said; “It’s clear the village needs more sessions.

“We don’t want to take business away [from Derwent Ducklings]. We would be offering sessions that they are lacking.”

Mr Woodhouse said he had no idea how much the project would cost but expects funds to come from the school budget and East Riding Council as well as the school’s PTSA.

He said the building would be built on the school field away from any housing and hopes to see it up and running by September 2012.