The Headteacher: Should we allow our kids to embrace technology?

The Market Weighton School headteacher Gavin Chappell
The Market Weighton School headteacher Gavin Chappell

My eight-year-old daughter is a film director. This was certainly news to me, I was ignorant of the fact that I might be harbouring the next Kathryn Bigelow or Sofia Coppola.

What this says about me as a parent is open to quite different interpretations, so let us start with the facts.

My daughter’s first film is a stop motion picture called Journey to the Park. She achieved this by taking 100s of frame-by frame pictures of playmobil figurines painstakingly positioned, step by step, on a makeshift set.

For her the technology involved (she borrowed my tablet and downloaded a suitable app) was probably the least significant part of the process. This is not the case for the rest of us, however.

The omnipresence of smartphones and tablets is an irreversible aspect of modern life and their impact upon our children is portrayed as pernicious or benign in equal measure.

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