The Headteacher: I’m loving life back in East Yorkshire

Market Weighton School headteacher Richard Harrison.
Market Weighton School headteacher Richard Harrison.

Taking on the role of headship is daunting in itself, there is much pressure to make rapid improvements to examination results, achieve a good Ofsted report and now, on top of that, write a debut column for the Pocklington Post!

This is the first time I have been asked to write a column for a newspaper and it’s quite challenging to choose a topic that you may actually be interested in reading.

We visited Hull fair and all the memories from 35 years' ago came flooding back.

We visited Hull fair and all the memories from 35 years' ago came flooding back.

A school day is dictated by bells and the hours tick by quickly; my first half term at The Market Weighton School is now over and I have loved it.

It’s not just because I have great students and a team of staff to work with but also because, after 28 years of living and working in the North East, I am back living in the most beautiful part of the world –East Yorkshire.

My wife is from the North East, so does not know the area well. It has been great to get out and about and explore places again that I remember from my childhood.

Of course, we went to ‘Ull Fair’ last week and the memories from 35 years ago came flooding back with the smell of hot dogs, Bob Carver’s chips, brandy snaps, cinder toffee and candyfloss leading to the usual stomach ache!

I have the most wonderful drive to work across the Wolds; the view from the top of Arras Hill has been amazing most mornings with the mist recently rolling in from the Humber across the autumn landscape below.

But, on the downside, I now have a budget that is nearly £2,000 per pupil less in the East Riding than we had in Middlesbrough.

You don’t need to be a headteacher or an accountant to work out that means your children are getting a rough deal; they deserve better and I urge you to support the campaign for fairer school funding currently being organised by our MPs and local councillors.

You can sign a petition which is available in most of the primary and secondary schools across the county.

Despite this challenge, I am very much looking forward to the future in my new post and have every confidence the school will continue to provide a first class education for its students, and I will continue to try my best to write something worth reading in this column!