Teacher Kate retires after 24 years at infant school

Teacher Kate Lloyd.
Teacher Kate Lloyd.

Children, staff, governors and ex-colleagues at Market Weighton Infant School gathered together at a special assembly to say a special goodbye to a teacher who has retired after working at the school for the last 24 years.

Flowers, chocolates and a garden bench were presented to Kate Lloyd, as well as a long service award from the East Riding Council. Children at the school presented her with handmade cards and enjoyed entertaining her with some of her favourite songs. Staff paid their own tribute to Mrs Lloyd when they sang a special thank you song, adapted from the ‘Oh! Mr Porter’ musical hall song.

Mrs Lloyd said: “I consider it a privilege to care for children at such an important time of their lives. I’ve loved supporting their struggles and successes as they develop their personalities, and begin to acquire the basic skills. Also, they’ve never failed to surprise me with their comments, ideas and kindness. I will miss their sense of fun, their energy and their inquisitiveness. The staff, parents and children gave me a wonderful send off. I am amazed by all their cards, gifts and good wishes.”

Headteacher Sarah Kay-Wood thanked Mrs Lloyd for teaching more than 600 pupils during her time as a teacher at the school and for her dedication and commitment to the role. Mrs Lloyd was part of the senior management team that helped the school achieve its ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating in 2011. Mrs Kay-Wood said: “Mrs Lloyd is a very talented teacher and will be missed by children, staff and parents. We wish her all the very best in her retirement.”

As well as Mrs Lloyd, another teacher at Market Weighton Infant School - Jackie Strangeway - was presented with a long service award from East Riding Council. Mrs Strangeway has worked at the school for 28 years. Both Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Strangeway played key roles in helping the school to achieve its outstanding rating from Ofsted.

Mrs Kay-Wood said: “We have been very fortunate to have such hard-working and dedicated teachers in our school team. This award gives recognition to their service to the school.”