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Bishop Wilton Primary pupil near the 'minion' painting.
Bishop Wilton Primary pupil near the 'minion' painting.

Youngsters at Bishop Wilton Primary School have recently had a very unusual stimulus for their independent writing.

The village’s roads have been resurfaced and the friendly workmen were keen to share the process with the children, inviting them to observe and ask questions throughout.

The children were then able to write about their experiences when they returned to school.

Executive Headteacher, Steve Woodhouse, said: “We are always looking for ways to inspire our children to write. Experiencing real life events motivates them to put pen to paper. I am very grateful to the roadworks team for approaching the school to see if we would like to be involved.”

Many of the children chose to write about the moment when one of the workmen painted something unusual on the road. Reuben Moore’s written work tells the story; “A very nice man painted a minion. We had to guess what it was. I guessed it first and so my name was painted too. The roadworks were fantastic because the road is no longer bumpy.’ Adam Warburton’s writing completes the story; “Minion Reuben got squished with tarmac!”