Students are aiming high

Access to College Education day at the University of Hull
Access to College Education day at the University of Hull

Two hundred students from Woldgate College visited the University of Hull to find out what life as a university student is really like.

The visit was organised by the university as part of its Access to College Education (ACE) programme, which is aimed at informing school students of the wide range of educational options available to them when at university.

The day began when the Woldgate Year 9 students were divided into small groups and introduced to their ‘Student Ambassador’, a current Hull University student who had volunteered to take part in the event and guide the Woldgate students through the day.

They began by discussing why people choose to go to university and the different cultural and educational backgrounds of current students. They then went on to consider the huge range of different courses available.

After a pleasant lunch on the university cricket field, the Woldgate students were taken on a tour of the university campus. Along the way, they were shown lecture theatres, seminar rooms and laboratories. After the tour, the students worked in teams to create a prospectus for a university that summarised everything they had learnt during the day.

On the way home, students spoke very positively of the day. One student said: “I never realised how much there is to do at university, I thought it was only about studying but they have lots of clubs and societies too.” Another student said: “There are so many different things you can study – not just school subjects but subjects I never knew existed.”

One student commented: “I definitely want to go to university, it looks so exciting.”

Careers co-ordinator and event organiser Luke Sloman said: “We have run this event with the University of Hull for the past two years and it always opens our students’ eyes to the possibilities of higher education. The day is particularly important to those students who might believe they cannot go to university for a range of reasons. Throughout the course of the day, these students are shown that they too can go to university is they choose to.”