School pageant tells of 500-year history

The pageant in the Tom Stoppard Theatre.
The pageant in the Tom Stoppard Theatre.

As part of Pocklington School’s 500th anniversary the school foundation organised a gigantic pageant in the Tom Stoppard Theatre to celebrate the school’s fabulous history.

As the big week of the performance loomed, Pocklington and Lyndhurst pupils were putting all their effort in to make this magnificent performance a moment to savour for everyone involved with the school.

The performance played over three nights and lasted approximately two hours.

Lyndhurst school showcased dramatic, dancing and singing skills in two plays which told the story of Prep school education at Pocklington School whilst the senior school plays featured an even wider variety of talents that have been the basis of the school education for so many years.

A school song written by Mrs Dance, the head of music at Lyndhurst, and a hymn were also performed in the Lyndhurst plays.

A fair few of the performers wore costumes resembling what teachers and pupils have been wearing for the past 500 years. All of the costumes were produced by Mrs White who makes and organises all the costumes for the school.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsing and performances. I played a strict headteacher called Mr Bainbridge in one of the Lyndhurst plays, which looked at how the school changed from 1951 to 1992, which is when it moved to its current location on the Pocklington school campus.

I wore a long gown, mortarboard, cravat and carried a cane. The other Lyndhurst play, which was set in 1914, featured events at the first prep school and also events in the war. One of my friends played a soldier and he wore a full army uniform provided by Mrs White.

Our school is extremely lucky to have its own purpose built theatre. It was a brilliant stage to host the occasion with its large seating capacity and backstage resources. Everyone put a lot of hard work into making the play a success, I am extremely proud to have been a part of it.