New head ‘staggered’ by development at school

Melbourne Community Primary School's new headteacher Claire Fielding.
Melbourne Community Primary School's new headteacher Claire Fielding.

The new headteacher of a village primary school says she is “staggered” by how much work and development there has been at the school during her short time in charge.

Claire Fielding took over the reigns from Tim Brenchley at Melbourne Community Primary School in September. She was previously assistant headteacher at Westfield Primary Community School, which is one of the largest primary schools in York.

Mrs Fielding said: “It is a pleasure and a privilege to be leading Melbourne Community Primary School. We believe that working in partnership with parents, governors and our community is essential to ensure our continued success. I look forward to my own children joining Melbourne in the new year.” She added: “The first half term has flown and I am staggered by how much work, development and enjoyment there has been since the beginning of autumn.”

Since Mrs Fielding joined the school an opportunity has arisen which allows for more flexibility within the classes. As a result, a sixth class will be created at the school from January 2016 for the rest of the academic year.

She explained: “We have had many expressions of interest in joining our school over the past few weeks and, due to this, we are separating year one and year two. We are sure this will be a great success and a worthwhile investment in our children’s learning.”

Mrs Fielding says communication has been strengthened after a Twitter account was set up for the school and a new website is currently being created. An increased security system and visitor access is planned for later this year.