MP welcomes student to Westminster

MP Sir Greg Knight with William Procter.
MP Sir Greg Knight with William Procter.

Pocklington MP Sir Greg Knight has given a Pocklington student a week’s work experience at the Houses of Parliament.

William Procter, 17, is currently studying for his A-levels and is hoping to study politics and history at university next year.

The experience included being given a tour of the Palace of Westminster, observing on select committee meetings, watching debates in the House of Commons and also in Westminster Hall.

William also tried his hand at drafting parliamentary questions and producing press releases.

Speaking about his experience, William who lives Allerthorpe, said: “It was an amazing experience seeing how Parliament functioned, especially the debates in the House of Commons. It is certainly a week I will never forget.”

Sir Greg said: “It was a pleasure to give someone with an interest in politics an insight into how the British political system works as I believe it is a great experience for a young person to see what work is like in Westminster.”