Lifestyle duo raise awareness of road safety at school event

Lollipop Duo Jake Hindwell and Bradley Riley (NPOC Fangfoss ps1329-17k).
Lollipop Duo Jake Hindwell and Bradley Riley (NPOC Fangfoss ps1329-17k).

A Lifestyle group from Fangfoss organised a fun-filled non-uniform day at their school, featuring Gangnam Style dancing, as part of their summer project.

Friends Jake Hindwell and Bradley Riley, both aged 10, are aiming to raise awareness of road safety and get St Martin’s Primary School in Fangfoss a lollipop lady/ man to make Highfield Lane safer for children when they arrive and leave the school.

During the pyjama and bad hair day last Thursday, the Lifestylers gave a speech to the school about how busy the road is and the need for a lollipop lady/ man.

The pair, who call themselves the ‘Lollipop Duo’ carried out a survey of the number of vehicles that travel along the road just before and after school hours.

On weekdays from 8.30am to 9am and from 3pm to 3.30pm they found that on average about 300 vehicles pass the school along the road.

As well as organising Gangnam Style dancing, which all staff and pupils took part in, Jake and Bradley invited firefighters along and a local police community support officer to help them raise awareness of road safety.

Bradley’s mum Stella, who is the group’s leader, said: “I’m incredibly proud about what they are doing, they’re not just doing it for themselves.

“They’re doing it for the whole village and thinking about children of the future as well.”

The Lollipop Duo will hold a car boot sale on Saturday 24 August at St Martins Primary to raise funds and awareness for their project.

Anyone who would like to sell items at the sale can set up from 8.30am. The event starts at 9am.