Keeping students safe

Gavin Chappell
Gavin Chappell

A school in Market Weighton is working in partnership with the wider community in order to help students understand the importance of keeping themselves safe, in the real and virtual world.

All Year 11 students at The Market Weighton School took part in an interactive presentation by Safer Roads Humber.

The event, called ‘Braking Point’, focused upon driver and passenger safety and gave the students important advice on how to keep themselves safe, not only as future car drivers but as passengers in cars that are being driven by young and inexperienced drivers.

A second event saw all Year 7, 8 and 9 students involved in a presentation delivered jointly by a ‘Beat Bullying’ ambassador and a local police constable.

Headteacher Gavin Chappell said: “This event complemented the work regularly undertaken within the school, where students also learn how to keep themselves safe online.

“The school has also published three safeguarding newsletters this year, giving parents important information about what they can do in partnership with the school in order to keep their children safe when using the internet or social media.”