Headmaster speaks about all the benefits of international students

Pocklington School Headmaster Mark Ronan
Pocklington School Headmaster Mark Ronan

The Headmaster of Pocklington School has spoken on national radio about the benefits of allowing international students to study at Britain’s boarding schools.

Mark Ronan was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about students from outside the United Kingdom studying at boarding schools across Britain.

This was part of a broader debate about the positives and challenges of immigration.

Pocklington School provides day and boarding education for people aged 4-18-years-old. It currently has a total of 790 pupils, and 48 of those are international students.

Mr Ronan said: “I was talking about the positive benefits and our own pupils in terms of learning together with people from other parts of the world. It is also a positive economic contribution for our area.”

Asked why he believes the UK should encourage international students to study in the UK, he added: “Because we have got a responsibility to educate young people for the world they are going to work in and that world is going to be working with people from other countries.” Pocklington School, like other schools across the country, has seen a rise in the number of international students over recent years. Mr Ronan said: “It is a national trend.”